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ALFIS-3 Analyzer sets Eyes on Global Markets.

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

New analyzer enables innovative tests in easy to use Point-of-Care setting.

(L-R) Marketing Manager John Cosentino, Regulatory associate manager Junghee Kim and Business Development Director Dr. Hyunghoon Kim.

Immunostics Inc., a US subsidiary of Boditech Med, announced this month the launching of its next-generation point-of-care testing platform for automated immunoassay system ‘ALFIS-3’. ALFIS-3 is a highly sensitive and compact automated immunoassay system based on MNPs-ELISA.

The ALFIS-3 new assays offerings will be over 25 tests including NTproBNP, hsTnI, TSH, FT4, E2., PCT, AMH, Vit D, Vit B12, etc. The ALFIS-3 innovative system enables it to run 3 different types of tests at the same time. Currently 6 tests have CE Mark and are available on the ALFIS-3 System.

“There is definitely a strong sense of diversity and teamwork in New Jersey. Everyone comes from very different places and work in very different fields” – Hyunghoon Kim

Dr. Hyunghoon Kim head of ALFIS-3 development and his engineering team arrived at Eatontown New Jersey in June of 2019 to be at the center of analyte assemblies and research and development work needed.

The innovative ALFIS-3 system will offer tests that are not available on any other platform thus customers will find it highly useful and valuable. Additional assays will be launched at the end of this year and also in 1H 2020.

“A successful launch of the ALFIS-3 across multiple regions will create more opportunities to expand our global vision of affordable quality care” – Junghee Kim

ALFIS-3 analyzers in startup line at Eatontown, New Jersey.

Junghee Kim a regulatory associate manager for Immunostics, inc. is currently preparing additional CE marking for European Notified Body which will allow ALFIS to further expand its global presence in the near future.

To introduce ALFIS-3 in your market, you will need to have a separate distribution agreement with Immunostics.

For more information on the ALFIS-3 please visit us at or contact us directly

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