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Next Generation

Immunoassay System

Next Generation Automated

Immunoassay System

ALFIS-3 is an ELISA based POC immunoassay analyzer. ALFIS-3 has a built-in automated fluorescence scanning system using magnetic beads and alkaline phosphatase enzyme system for the quantitative immunoassay. ALFIS-3 tests are used for measuring the concentration of various analytes in human blood, plasma, and serum. ALFIS-3 tests are in vitro diagnostic tests intended for screening, monitoring and/or routine physical examination in centralized laboratories of hospitals and physician clinics.

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The ALFIS-3 is currently Export Only.

Compact Fast Reliable

The ALFIS-3 features

Fully Automatic

LIS Connectivity

3 Simultaneous Testing Channels

Capillary Blood, Serum or Plasma

7" LCD Touch Screen

Broad test portfolio



  • Total Beta hCG

  • Progesterone

  • 17 Beta Estadiol

  • Testosterone

  • Procalactin

  • AMH

  • FSH

  • LH


  • Myoglobulin

  • Troponin-1

  • NTproBNP

  • D-Dimer

  • CK-MB

  • ST2


  • Free T4

  • Free T3

  • TSH


  • Free PSA

  • AFP


  • 25OH Vitamin D Total

  • Vitamin B12



Technical Specifications


Number of channels



Measuring principle




Power Input

Dimension / Weight

Instrument type

Temp. Control

22min per test / Up to 6 tests per hour

Simultaneous triple testing*

Serum/Plasma (20~100 ul), W/B (10-30 ul)

Ready to use “all in one cartridge”

Enzyme linked fluorescence immunoassay

7” LCD touch screen, built-in thermal printer Bluetooth Keyboard (optional)

Factory calibration, 2-point calibration / ID Chip (Master Calibration Curve)

LIS/HIS compatible, RS 232, USB port, Ethernet, SD card slot

100 ~ 240 V AC (50/60 Hz) / 360VA

422 (D) x 270 (W) x 292 mm (H) / 10.0 Kg

Compact Automatic Immunoassay Analyzer

Internal temperature control

* Simultaneous testing available within certain parameters

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the storage requirements for ALFIS-3?

The ALFIS-3 features internal temperature control. That will detect when analyzer is at the needed operational temperature range.

Why does the ALFIS-3 not turn on?

The probable causes may be: poor connection between the power adapter and power cable; analyzer is set to 'Off'; faulty power adapter; power failure; ALFIS-3 is in 'Sleep Mode'.

Why does the cartridge holder not protrude out?

This can be due to a mechanical error or software malfunction. Restart the ALFIS-3 analyzer, by turning the power 'off' and then, 'on' again.

Why is there a clicking noise when the cartridge holder(s) protrude out?

This is a normal function of the ALFIS-3 analyzer. No action is required.

Why does the LCD display not function properly?

This could be due to electrostatic shock or an electrical circuit failure. Connect the power cable to a grounded external power outlet and remove any source of electrostatic charge. Restart the analyzer.

Why is there a barcode error displayed?

This may be due to foreign matter obscuring the barcode or a misprinted barcode. Remove any foreign matter present on the barcode and reinsert the cartridge. If the error code persists, it may be due to a misprinted barcode. Repeat test using a new ALFIS-3 test cartridge.

ALFIS-3 test cartridge. Why is there an 'insert tip' message being displayed?

There is a pipette tip and/or mag tip missing from the test cartridge inserted into the ALFIS-3 analyzer. Eject cartridge and place missing tip(s) in corresponding slot(s). Restart test.

Why is 'Please wait until the reader reaches the recommended temperature' being displayed?

The system temperature is outside the operational temperature range or there is a malfunction of the built-in temperature sensor. Wait 3 minutes and recheck the temperature status of the system. (Refer to section '9.4: Temperature' of the manual)

Why is 'Insert ID chip' being displayed?

The test is being performed without an ID Chip or the lot numbers of the ID Chip and test cartridge do not match. Insert ID Chip with matching lot number to the test cartridge being used.

Why is 'Error_S1' being displayed?

This indicates problems in the Optical System. Contact Immunostics Technical Support.

Why can't I print the test results?

The printer function may be set to 'off'. Turn the printer 'on' by accessing the 'Printer On/Off' menu. If issue persists, there may be a malfunction in the printer.

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