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Town of West New York Offering New Coronavirus and Antibody Testing

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

WEST NEW YORK, N.J. - West New York Mayor Gabriel Rodriguez and the Board of Commissioners are proud to announce that thanks to a partnership with Power Analytics Global & Boditech USA, town residents will have access to COVID-19 Antibody testing starting Wednesday, June 24, 2020 at the Senior Nutrition Center (515-54th Street, West New York, NJ).

Residents should register online at or Residents can also call 201-295-5271 for assistance or registration questions.

AFIAS-6 Covid-19 Analyzer

Tests will be covered with no out of pocket costs under all private health insurance plans as well as Medicare and Medicaid. Testing will also be available to residents without health insurance at no cost, however residents with insurance are strongly advised to provide their insurance information in order to reduce testing

costs for the Town.

“We strongly encourage all West New York residents to schedule a test as soon as possible,” said Mayor Rodriguez. “Although the virus is slowly decreasing its spread, largely in part to the social distance measures we have adopted, the only other way to handicap its spread is by massive testing.”

To schedule a test, a person must be a resident of the Town of West New York (valid ID and proof of residence is required). Face covers are required, and walk-ins will not be permitted. Residents are urged to register online for accurate relay of results. An appointment time will be provided after registration (via text or email) - reporting during appointment time is the best way to ensure minimal to no wait time.

"Nothing about this COVID-19 virus is simple, not the diagnosis, not the daily care, and not the long-term economic impact," said Keith Barksdale, Chairman of Power Analytics. "However, we believe our highly accurate, point of care rapid testing platform, coupled with real-time data analysis, could be the tip of the spear to conquering this global problem. We are proud of Mayor Rodriguez' vision to allow the City of West New York to become the standard for every City in the United States to provide Covid-19 Antibody testing with real-time data certification to every resident."

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