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Febrile  5ml

Brucella Abortus

Brucella Melitensis

Paratyphoid A

Paratyphoid B

Typhoid H

Typhoid O

Catalog Numbers

FA 002

FA 015

FA 003

FA 004

FA 005

FA 001

Positive and Negative Controls 2ml

Positive Control                    FC 008

Negative Control                  FC 007

Bactacol Kits

Bactacol antigens are specifically designed for use in detecting febrile antibodies with increased sensitivity, specificity and overall readability. This new Bactacol antigen series employs a unique system of dyes making the entire febrile profile user friendly. 

The Bactacol rapid slide test is recommended to establish the presence of homologous antibodies. In certain situations, an antibody titer may be helpful to assure end user confidence. This is accomplished by using the Bactacol tube test method. When using the Bactacol antigens in either rapid slide screening or conventional tube assays, the readability and determination of results are superior to any other test method available.

Bactacol Widal Kit 400

Catalog Number:




5ml vials of;

  •     ​Typhoid O

  •     Typhoid H

  •     Paratyphoid A

  •     Paratyphoid B

  •     Polyvalent Positive control*

  •     Polyvalent Negative control*

*Positive and Negative Controls 2ml fill.

Rose Bengal Kits

The Detector Rose-B Brucella agglutination test is intended for use in the early detection of Brucella specific agglutinins (Brucella melitensis, abortus and suis) associated with bacterial infection or previous exposure to such organisms. The antigen is a concentrated suspension of B. abortus 1119-3 (APHS NADL Ames, Iowa) inactivated by heat and phenol (0.5%) in acid buffer and stained with Rose Bengal. When titrated against World Health Organization serum it detects levels equal to or greater than 25 lU/ml. This is very sensitive and when used as a screening test, confirmation of brucellosis must be carried out by other serologic testing.

Detector Rose-B Kit

Catalog Number:

RB-50 (50 Tests) 1.75ml



  •     ​Rose Bengal Reagent​

  •     Rose Bengal Positive Control

  •     Disposable slides

  •     Disposable plastic pipettes

  •     Package Insert

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