Detector RPR

Detector RPR

The Detector RPR Test is a non-Treponemal Flocculation Test that is used to detect and quantify reagin, an antibody present in serum or plasma from persons with syphilis, or with other treponemal diseases. Occasionally individuals with other diseases or conditions may also be reactive in the non-Treponemal Tests.

Catalog Numbers:






•  1 Vial Carbon Activated Antigen

•  1 Vial Reactive Control*

•  1 Vial Minimally-Reactive Control**

•  1 Vial Non-Reactive Control*

•  Needle with plastic bottle and dispensing tip assembly

•  10 Well Test Card

•  Disposable pipettes/stirrers

•  Product Insert


*      Included in All Kits w/controls

**    Included only in Kits w/3 controls